GST Leather

GST Leather

WE Leather: Exclusive Wilson Leather With Deeper Pebble & Firmer Texture

ACL Laces: Patented Acute Control Lacing Made Of Pebbled Composite Leather Provides 174% More Grip Than Traditional Laces

Laid In Stripes: Patented Exclusive Composite Leather Stripe Is 82% More Gripable Than Traditional Painted Stripes

Lining: Multi-Layered Lining For Better Shape & Durability

Bladder: 3-Ply Bladder For Better Air Retention & Moisture Control

Pee Wee FLB111 $41.45 PRE SEASON $38.65
Junior FLB112 $44.30 PRE SEASON $41.35
Youth FLB113 $48.60 PRE SEASON $45.35

Ball Branding

Have your team name branded on your footballs to identify them. $1.50 per ball.

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Leather balls only.