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"PRO-STRIPE" Athletic Field Marking Paint

Paint . . . That Remains to be Seen!

• Long lasting field marking paint can be used on both natural and artificial turf.
• Durable enough for use on concrete or asphalt driveways and parking lots.
• Easily applied by brush, roller, airless spray or line marking machines.
• Will not harm grass, uniforms or players.

PRO-STRIPE Athletic Field Marking Paint is made from the finest quality raw materials to produce the brightest and longest-lasting field marking paints available.

PRO-STRIPE Paints feature OPTIWHITE™ used for high reflectance under artificial lighting and for low angle viewing.

PRO-STRIPE White has been tested and used by member stadiums of MLB, NFL, NCAA, and World Cup Soccer.

Whitlam field marking paints are specifically designed for marking lines, numbers and logos on all types of athletic fields: football, soccer, field hockey, baseball and similar sports areas.

By allowing photosynthesis and respiration to continue, our field marking paint actually stimulates root growth and development.

All colors of our temporary and permanent field marking paint are organic and biodegradable.

Aerosol Field Paint - Universal Tip
Aerosol Field Paint - Universal Tip

Pro-Stripe Paint (Bulk)
Pro-Stripe Paint (Bulk)